Theme : Diploma thesis


Theme of this diploma thesis is porcelain set with sprayed-on decor so-called „Spritzdecor”. Objects are artefacts with both – useful and decorative function.

This technique requires paper or foil template, over which we spray engobes in differ- ent colours. Inspiration template for this work comes from Czech Giant mountains, where

I come from, its panoramic scenery and horizons combined with shades of sunsets. The mountain sceneries are probably not being recognisable on the first sight, therefore you might come closer to think over what you actually see and imagine.

This specific view of my subjective perception is put on with my own personal way of seeing colours, as I have walked many times through the mountain peaks. That is why I have used, for many people, not-so-ordinary colour and shade combinations.









Final Master project at AAAD in Prague